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He is a self-employed contractor. He never found the one, smart man. That answer in itself would make him more desirable in my eyes because it means he wasn't and isn't willing to settle for just anyone to keep the other side of the bed warm at night. Some people find love at 20 others at So I'd give him a chance. I only hear this kind of question from women, never from men. I've even known several women who have insisted that any guy who isn't already in a relationship must have something terribly wrong with him and, consequently, can't be worth dating.

Maybe he can't commit At least if things do work out, you've got the advantage that you probably won't get constantly compared to his ex. And just think of all the baggage from past marriages going sour that he won't have! Is there something wrong with him? Is he marriage material? Why would you want to stop by his house and talk to him? You had one session in the sack- not sure what there is to talk about.

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Show up at the bar again and see if he approaches you. Don't go seeking him out! There is nothing wrong with a guy that never wants to get involved in a serious relationship.

10 Types of Girls Men Usually Don't Marry

But, a smart person that wants something serious won't pursue a guy with this kind of history. Life isn't a hollywood movie where true love can melt the heart of the most hard core commitment phobe. My bet is that he's good for a few romps, but don't get your hopes up that he'll divert from his life long pattern to ease into a life long relationship. Don't go talk to him- a man like him is probably accustomed to being pursued. A regular OZY series follows the strands that knit together all the investigations around the president.

Despite a year of legalized transparency, Brits are still as likely to talk about their sex lives as they are their pay. A news site you'll actually love. Close Search Hey what are you looking for? Never-Married Men Over Facebook Twitter Shares. Think Outside The Inbox Get the important stories, told nowhere else. Your subscription has been updated! Please email us at support ozy. OZY Opinion Interviews, op-eds, and analysis to help you make sense of the news of the day and the news of the future. He wistfully talks about the good old days when he used to be successful.

When times were good, he bought his women expensive jewelry and cars like they were a penny a pound, he traveled the world and had his picture taken with Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela and they asked for his advice.

But today, all he can give you is a toothpick after you pay for dinner. Don't worry, he says, the good days shall return Never ignores a short skirt, pretty leg, ample booty or boobs size B cup and above. Misunderstands or doesn't understand most of what you say. Sorry, but there are a ton of men out there who look and dress well but just don't have many kilowatts upstairs.

If you say, "I am looking for a man who is capable of emotional intimacy," and his defense is, "I am very emotional," run!

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Smokes pot, uses drugs. Those of us who are still alive and lively appreciate men who are present, motivated, energized, and healthy. Pot suspends your ability to tune into other people. Need I say more? If you don't like what you're doing, make a plan to do something else, then do it.

Stagnation is a turn-off, and the top 5 percent wouldn't dream of it. Doesn't monitor his health. He's sick and a tooth is loose but he won't go to the doctor or the dentist. I did have lots of men in the past 10 yeras but nothing important came out of it all just fun really. I am a married woman of 57 yrs with a single daughter and son--both of whom are very good looking, intelligent and well-educated.

Both would love to be married. I ache for them both. I was terribly disturbed by some of the posts below, particularly by Jon's. Jon--I am going to pray for you every morning. I would just like to say that each of you is unique, special, and valuable! The system has just gone absolutely nuts.

Never married, no kids, never been in a serious relationship. I never had a girl friend in high school. The longest relationship I've ever had was 8 months. I've had about 3 in all. I'm short and not handsome so women tend to not be interested in me. I've read some of the other responses here. And it seems, from the ones I've read, that most of the other guys don't want a relationship. One guy makes it seem like he can get any girl anytime so why settle down?

I don't know what to say other than I feel worthless,. Sitting here tonight I was searching for someone to chat with sharing similar stories I know this because everyday through work I have to be on the positive end of promoting positiveness I am over the age of 40 and considered very attractive and have to get out more I am home stuck Never had a serious relationship in my life. I'm quiet and shy and like both sexes, men more than women though.

I have no desire to have kids. I think I have some social anxiety and a low libido as well. This state in life is a mixed bag. It's nice to be free and independent, but can also be lonely and unfulfilling at times. I think acceptance of the situation is about all I can do.

Singles/Never Married Persons - Psychosocial Characteristics Of The Never Married

Part-sexaholic, part emotional fuckwit, the Daniel Cleaver has never been married because, put simply, it would make it tricky for him to remain a womaniser. Even if I did find her, would she even want me back again? I asked him why he never married, and he just would say he never met the right woman, so he did'nt say he would never marry. I've read all the posts here and the overriding sense I get is one of resignation and of having given up. Why did this have to change? Enjoy your new perpetual status as Romeo mate. I think I'm ok looking but I guess because of all the emotional abuse I went through as a child I guess the only way to overcome this and finally feel good about myself and then finally probably get married is to get plastic surgery. At the same time, one dating a man who has never married choose wisely when considering a mate. But, the loneliness is literally eating me away. For me, I've seen and read dating a man who has never married of people getting married in their mid twenties and later, and then getting divorced in their thirties, or forties. Of course waiting so long has brought another set of problems with it. The Power Of Pussyhats: I'm not at all mesmerized by their BS. For now I figured I will start body buildingand then I will get back to find something interesting to do I don't know if I will meet anyone or not but lets see

I would like to meet a soul mate some day to share my life with, but have never really met anyone that I know of who would be compatible. I have a hard time telling when some one is interested in me.

I'm not very socially adept to that, unfortunately. I have been condemned to bachelorhood forever.

Finally, a Therapist's Red-Flag Guide of Single Men to Avoid

Growing up was hard. Stuck in a large controlling family. All the girls went for the older guys or the ones with cars. As an adult several dates were a waste of money and time. Liars, crazy women, and hoochies after money.

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If I ever date again.. It will be with a woman 8 years my junior. Anyone near my age had their fun without me. So I'll have my fun without them. If that doesn't happen.. I'll just find a nice quiet place to die alone with my grief. I'm 44 and have always been so out of it with women that I never got the experience I needed. At this point I'm going to need to find a real leftover if I'm ever to have a relationship with anyone. The really sad thing is that I feel disgust not only about myself - despite being a highly talented and capable individual who's had some bad breaks psychologically - but about ALL you other men posting here.

I find my fellow never-married males tend to disgust me. Even tho I udnerstand what we go thru and why, maybe it's too much like looking at my destiny. We really do have the mark on us. I have not had a long term relationship. I do not want to get married. I do not come from a broken home. I am not shy by any means. I consider myself to be good looking. I am very social. I have met interesting people in my life and travels. Some people where good, some people where a holes. They all have had positive impacts in my life.

So why do I choose not to get married or go on regular dates?